Wednesday, 29 August 2012

darling herbs

Last ramadhan i bought myself some trees. A rosemary and sweet basil tree. So excited cuz i never find such trees selling in my neighbourhood store (yes i live in kampung. Hehe).

Apart of that, my sweet peas tree and parsley start to grow. Bless.

Here some pictures from the garden.

Parsley (didnt know what type of parsley sbb kt packaging die cuma tulis parsley :) )
Sweet Basil
P/s. Hopefully they grow strong. Cant wait to cook using fresh herbs!
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

scrumptious sandwich kari ayam nyonya with gooey cheese and fresh salad


And yes, its almost a month since i wrote something in this blog. teruk betul rasanya. but ramadhan is quite a busy month for me. doing so much cooking but so little time to sit and write and edit and... everything.

ok. raya is done ( i will post some raya story later) but today i need to post my recipe for the gourmet blog challenge. :) this is the first time tau i join such contest, so.. wish me all the best yeh.

Jadi, Hari ini saya telah menyediakan satu hidangan iaitu scrumptious sandwich kari ayam nyonya with gooey cheese and fresh salad. eh. panjang pulak namanya. huhu..

ok, here it is.

1st. the bread. You can use any bread you like, as me, i made my own bread this morning, an instant bread, Irish soda bread. easy peasy.

Irish soda bread.

500gm plain flour
400 ml yogurt + few tablespoon of milk (in case the batter to dry)
2 tspoon of soda bica
1 tspoon of salt.

add all dry ingredients and make a whole in the centre, add in yogurt and stir lightly. knead gently only until incorporate. jangan knead banyak kali macam buat roti beryeast tau.. lepas tu, cepat masukkan dalam oven 200c selama 40 mins.

and the main recipe for this contest.

scrumptious sandwich kari ayam nyonya with gooey cheese and fresh salad

1 box of warm mychef kari ayam nyonya
2 slice of bread
mozarella and chedddar cheese
1 onion
bell pepper

toasting bread with butter
Ayam ready to be shredded. nak shoot banyak lagi step tetapi lupa. haha.. terus ke plating. :)

Shred all the chicken. add 3 tablespoon or so of its lovely curry gravy into the shredded chicken.

in a pan, melt knob of butter and toast the bread. both side.

then, saute thinly sliced onion and bell pepper, set aside.

heat the shredded chicken until hot to touch. :)

OK, now to assemble.

place cheeses at 1 of the bread. and put salad, then sauteed onion and bell pepper then hot shredded chicken. put the already have cheese bread on top of the shredded chicken. the cheese will melt due to the hot of the shredded chicken. ok masa menyediakan hidangan ini, saya tidak ikut aturan salad, onion, chicken cheese, instead, saya susun, onion, chicken, salad, cheese. jadi tak cantik. so, for you guys, learn my mistake. susun ikut. bread, salad, onion and bell pepper, chicken, cheese and bread. tapi, insyaALLAH, rasanya still sedap.

setelah selesai menyediakan hidangan ini (and few picture snap) i pun rasa, serius sedap. this curry is surely pedas yang sedappp.. dan bila dihidangkan lengkap bersama keju yang oozing dan bawang yang caramalized ditambah bell pepper yang membuat rasa manis, ia memberikan rasa yang sangat hebat. not too pedas, not too creamy.. just perfect. just nice.  (ok. i tengah makan benda ni. hehe).

im surely, going to try another box of mychef and get my tummy busy digesting all these delicious 

ok... selamat mencuba. serius. anda takkan menyesal membeli produk ini. :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

ujikaji resipi


iwazmiAmboi... lamanya tak menulis ni. bila sehari atau dua hari miss menulis, terus perasaan malas bertimpa timpa datang. tak bagus.

Anyway, on this ramadhan, i do cook a lot. some just typical food like kari ayam, kari kambing and on.. but some are just so new for me to cook. they turn out great just at taste, but in term of textures, and looks, not that good. But this mistake is good as i learn how to make it better.

So, one of the food that i have my first attempt of making it is the barbeque ribs grill. original recipe from south America. i love this beef rib barbeque grill as its so sweet and i dont really know how to describe but its so good. before, i need to go to chillies for this menu.

so, to make this bbq rib ni, the rib bukan di grill, tapi kene smoke (salai), kalau kt US, mereka guna things yang di panggil PIT, to smoke their ribs. so, i telah transform my grill into pit and smoke my ribs. huhuhu...

Antara kesilapan yang dilakukan:

i smoke tak cukup lama, it should be 5-6 hours, i just make i 3 hours, so dalamnya still undone n i have to cheat n put it in an oven for 30 minutes. tak tender lah macam kt chillies tu.. tu saja mistake. the dry rub (for marinating) and the sauce dah marvelous dah.

i should basting my ribs every hours!. so its not dry. ini betul-betul lupa... T__T

i lupa nak pesan pada si butcher for not cutting my ribs to small (lihat gambar) should just cut the rib two, so cantik.

so, kalau dilihat, charcoal bukan directly dibawah daging, tapi di tepi, atas, letak air  daging sebelah dan dibawah daging ada satu bekas untuk menakung all the juices yang keluar dari daging.lepas tu, tutup kedap semua. let the smoke cooks everything.

Penat study cara nak smoke ini. hehe. alih-alih atas kesilapan kecil, its not turn out as it should be. frust tapi next time dah tau apa silap. :)


 So, this is one of may kitchen-lab works. ade few more, including homemade teriyaki sauce (yummy), and few kuih and dessert. :)

next entry la ya...

oh ya, i will post this rib recipe after i manage to get my rib tender, and juicer. :)

p/s: dont stop trying!