Friday, 14 December 2012

the best homemmade hot chocolate pre mix!


just add hot milk! voila!

Lama dah tak menulis. My son start to have his own demand and escavator. Husband busy with work. And im busy keeping my son n husband busy. Get it? Haha... Im easily exhausted. Kalau dulu, amzar tidur adalah masa i update blog. Sekarang amzar tidur siang, i busy didapur, baking atau mentelaah resipi. Malam pula, amzar tidur, i pon switch off terus. Sedih. Hehe...

amzar nd excavator
topped with marshmallow

Well... Semalam masa tengah sibuk cari idea baru untuk rasa baru cupcake dan cake, i stumble on this site yg buat homemade hot chocolate pre mix. Serius genius. So i buat dan change few things macam kurangkan jumlah gula dan hilangkan ingredient white chocolate. hehe..Dan sedappp. It so thick and burst with chocolate flavour. Good bye to hot chocolate kt cafe2 ke kopitiam ke.. This hot chocolate is on top n great dan amat sesuai untuk winter yang sedang melanda ni. Eh. Hehe...

This is the recipe.

Hot chocolate pre mix

1 and 1/5 cup of instant milk powder
3/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
1/3 cup of sugar
1 cup of semisweet chocolate chip

Process all ingredient in food processer or dry blender. And keep in tight container.
To use: with hot milk or hot water, add in 2 or 2 tablespoon of pre mix and stir. May add whipped cream or marshmallow to add goodness and pure pleasure. ;-)

P/s: cant wait to have breakfast...
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