Wednesday, 5 September 2012

kek nanas terbalik

im too thin. almost disturbing. i never want to be like this. i ate. well, §maybe the portion is not as much as i suppose to eat. maybe.
as i went black out sometimes, having low bp, and have xs as my dress size... my husband has force (kinda) me to gain weight in a month. not a kilo but over 10 kilos as my ideal weight suppose to be 53kg, now im 41kg. byk tu...
jadi untuk menyahut cabaran itu, i telah membuat sebiji kek nanas terbalik. ok, sebiji kek takkan buat i naik berat badan sampai 10kg. hehehe. but bolehlah, kalau nak add on few calories kan... ok, this upside down pineapple is always a hit in this house or kalau saya buat untuk jamuan. delish.

for recipe, go to this page :

enjoy the picture dan cuba buat. sedap tau...
p/s. im indulging the last slice of these cake right now. :)
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