Saturday, 2 June 2012

coffee:tea:or me? :)


Siapa suka kopi? Its a great drink with lots of goodness in it. I used to be a coffee drinker. (still am but not as much as i use to). I got fancy over coffee. Every cafe i go. Every mamak stall. And when i saw a fancy coffee brewer or gadget. I got over excited. Haha.

But when time fly, i got married with a TEA drinker. Jadi dirumah itu, bekas berisi kopi sudah bertukar kepada bekas berisi teh. o_O. But i got no regret or feel left out. I just started to love tea. But still i got my coffee in my pantry though its in a smaller canister.

Last night i watch this video of laura vitale(she's a youtube celebrity chef i guess. Hehe). She made this lovely thirst quenching iced coffee. I know, you might say. Alaaaa... Kopi ais sahaja. Senang saja nak buat. Well... This recipe is different. She gave exact measurement of how much coffee and how much water in it. And it taste amazing.

This is how she made iced coffee.

4 cup of warm water (around 90fht)

1/4 cup of granule coffee(not instant).

Superfine/syrup to sweetened


Pour coffee over warm water and let it sit for 8hour ib room temp. Yup, its sound time consuming but it make your coffee taste so good!.

After 8 hour. Pour coffee, syrup and add milk if you want to. Dont forget your ice.

Trust me. Its good.

P/s. Saya tambah sahaja susu pekat manis. Dan rasanya sangat menakjubkan.

credit to laura vitale!

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