Saturday, 16 June 2012

trying to save nature! :)

What did you do with all your plastic bottle, cans, and paper?

Toss it?
Recycle it?

Me, at home im trying not to toss all this reusable items, paper usually can be use again, but, bottle, and cans oftenly ended in dustbin, along with other junks. So, i want to change this. I must recycle it.
To do this recycle thingy is actually very simple, all it need is just a little awareness about environments, how we can help to save this earth and 3 dustbin. :) 1 for cans, 1 for bottles and 1 for food leftovers.

Everytime we want to throw our garbage, try to throw all the garbage in the right bin, and only food leftover will be thrown away, the bottles and cans, will be toss away at the recycle centre. Very easy.

Also, Know your nearest recycle centre too. As mine, the nearest is at my nearest tesco store. So, everytime i did my shopping thingy, i took my precious garbage with me. :)

Last week i manage to go to the recycle centre, but it was closed. Sempat pergi ke bank, jalan jalan di giant dan tesco sebelum patah balik tengok recycle centre ini, tapi still tutup... So at the end, i just put my precious garbage there hoping they will collect them. I bought with me 2 big plastic bags.

Supposely, every kilos of plastic worth 60 cents, boleh buat duit poket tau... :)

Anyway, this is the 1st step to go green. Banyak halangan untuk hendak mengamalkan 3r ini, dari keluarga dan orang sekeliling yang pesimis tentang kebaikan 3r ini.

P/s. Harap saya konsisten dalam menyelamatkan bumi ini...
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