Saturday, 23 June 2012

remembering ally mcbeal


Ally mcbeal. My favorite serial drama of all time. Back then when the series was aired, i was 13,14,15 years old. Still very young.

Always imagine that work, workplace, colleouges was like in the series... I always see myself as mcbeal, as i was (am) very highly imaginative. Suka berangan dan fikir yang bukan bukan. I do belief lots of girls see themselves as mcbeal too.

But as im growing up, finish studying, get jobs, life is not as exciting as in the series. Gaji tak banyak. Kerja melambak. Fuh... As a designer, work is never end. I mean, office hours really cannot be apply in this job (8am until you never know when you can go home because the deadline is before tomorrow and now its 1 am .) get it? Haha. No happy hour at bar sambil dengar music dan minum teh tarik macam dalam cerita tu. Semua itu tidak wujud.  Heheh.

Tetapi, apa pun cerita ini pernah mendorongku untuk belajar bersungguh dan pastikan i will work in that kind of place. Or at least ala-ala... Hehe. Of course im not a lawyer, just a graphic designer, tapi ok lah. Surounded with non stop work, good bossess, great friends, and terrible work pressure.

But.  im no longer a designer. And i hope i didnt end up buying house at suburb area and surrounded by some desperate housewife. Uhuk!

P/s. What a great tv show mcbeal was...

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